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Atari sent out an email to Atari fans announcing a new Atari box stating it will be “appealing to both old and new fans”. A short YouTube video was showed off this year at E3 of the AtariBox, however we did not expect more information this soon.  It looks like we have 2 different looks, one wood-grain ( AWESOME) and another option of red. From the picture we can tell the Ataribox is equipped with 1 HDMI port, 4 USB Ports, SD Card Slot, and a Ethernet port (Hopefully meaning I can dominate online playing PONG).


Lot’s of speculation has been floating around the internet on what this Atari console will actually be, my prediction is a mix between a NES Classic and a Steam Box. Giving us a system loaded with classic games plus allowing us download and Indie and possibly triple a titles sounds dope. With no other information released such has price, specs, and release date, we will have to keep waiting for Atari to feed us more info.