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Being The Light We Seek


By Jorel Robinson – I had the pleasure in my life of working with hundreds if not thousands of kids, in many different roles working at Jane Boyd Community House. From the age of 15-21 I went from being a volunteer to a full time salaried employee, it was very eye opening experience. I went from being an afterschool teacher, to a summer teacher, to coach of basketball and baseball, to athletic coordinator for Jane Boyd. I grew up in the same program I was now teaching, coaching and working in, how Ironic.

I worked with kids of all races, ages, backgrounds, kids from homes with single parents and two parents, to grandparents. Kids who would not have a tree on Christmas and kids that got everything they wanted. The experience taught me many things but the first is that hate for anything is taught and nurtured in a lot of cases to be the explosion that we have to deal with. I also learned that a child like myself is looking to be reassured that they have the ability to fail and be ok or make a mistake and be forgiven. In those moments we can show them if they fail, get up and try again, and if they make a mistake, there will be hard work to get back to that previous status.

Reminds me once in first grade in Ms. Popelkas class I decided to scribble on this beautiful dinosaur drawing she had done, I took a black crayon and colored all over it one day in a fit of anger. She had me stay in from recess I got in trouble an we got passed it but she left it up. I could be having a good day look over and see that and It reminded me of the wrong I had done, I didn’t want to feel that way again. Those simple things can change a child forever. I think we could all benefit from learning and trying different ways to get the attention of our children.

One things you always get from children is honesty so start listening to what they are telling you.

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  • Jamison Little

    Thibs is seriously excellent! I feel like this is topic that deserves to be discussed more. Kids are the future and they deserve to be listened to. Great read !

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