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  • City Officials Are Quiet After Unarmed African American Shot By Police

City Officials Are Quiet After Unarmed African American Shot By Police

Message to the People

By Jorel Robinson
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Do not stop demanding answers. Do not stop calling for action. First and foremost, no one is placing blame. We are looking for the justice which will come from the answers. I am not doing this for my job, some promotion, or because I’m a politician. Nor do I have someone to answer to. I do this as a friend, son, brother, father, cousin, community member, etc. So it makes me telling the truth very easy. A great man once said, “I am for the truth no matter who tells it”. Here you have an unarmed black man, Jerime “Danky” Mitchell, being shot in the neck by an officer on his way home from work, and investigators have yet to release why they stopped him in the first place. They also have yet to release the names of the officers that were involved. The lack of information that has been given to the family and the public is truly alarming.

What We Know:

It was initially reported that there was an altercation which led to him being shot, and that he then jumped in his car and drove up the hill, plowing through a police SUV, which was parked horizontally in the middle of the street. He proceeded to then crash his vehicle into cars parked in the Coe College parking lot. The last article now states he got out of the vehicle, had an argument with the officer, jumped back in his car, and was shot in the neck. The report states: “We are learning more about the man injured in an officer-related shooting in Cedar Rapids on Tuesday, Nov. 1. Investigators say, Jerime Mitchell, 37, of Cedar Rapids, was stopped by police around 1 p.m. Tuesday after having an argument with the officer, police say Mitchell got back into his car and that’s when the officer started shooting. Mitchell got away, but crashed into an unmarked police car a few minutes later and was arrested.”                                                                                           suv        -We Know a witness heard four shots. After being there the next day, you could clearly see three shots had been taken by the original officer who shot Danky at the bottom of the hill, and one shot was taken at the top of the hill before or after driving into the police SUV. -We know the officer who was in the SUV at the top of the hill was extracted from his vehicle, according to KCRG, around 2:15am. He also was put on paid leave and taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. – We know the officer who fired the shots was not injured and was given at least two full sleep cycles before giving his version of events. “The officer in the SUV that was hit had to be extricated from it.” DCI Special Agent in Charge Rick Rahn said “The officer was treated and released from a hospital. The officer involved in the altercation and shooting was not seriously injured. He was placed on paid administrative leave in accordance with department policy.” Rahn said, “DCI officials hope to interview the officer later this week. Per standard protocol, we give him at least two sleep cycles and then sit down and attempt to do an interview after that.” I now believe there may be a highly important reason for the authorities to be so vague and to not state what the initial interaction pertained to. There are many things here that are puzzling and need to be explained. Due to Danky being shot, the first two things that need to be released to the public are what he was initially stopped for, and if he was armed. We need to know why we were given the original story of him getting out of the vehicle and being shot during an altercation, and we need to know why it was changed. The reasons I believe this scenario to be untrue is many, but to name a few; First, he was paralyzed after being shot in the neck. There was no blood anywhere near the first 3 shots that had been fired, which is where the scuffle should have started. This means there would have been no possible way for him to be shot in the neck at close range, and then still be able to physically run from the police, jump in his car. and drive off. policecar22If the officer was fearing he was dealing with a real criminal, or someone who would possibly take his life or endanger the life of others, why not wait to pull Danky over at the top of the hill where there is already back up? There was an officer there reporting to a crash. If the officer didn’t know the other officer was there, why didn’t he wait until either he drives to the top of the hill and gets on 1st Ave, or takes a right and enters onto the Interstate? Why has there been no mention of him being violent with the cop? No mention of him having a weapon? NOTHING. The last report mentioned him as being pulled over, he stops, he gets out of the vehicle and argues with the officer. He then gets upset, enters his car, and BOOM he is shot. How can that lead to a person being not only shot, but shot in a location that is between a hospital and a school? A man born and raised in this city. He lived in this city his entire life. Did running from the police mean that instead of following in pursuit or issuing a warrant that night mean that this officer could be his judge and jury? I DON’T think so! I also do not believe that for one minute! The only thing we have learned from the DCI and the CRPD is that this situation is under investigation, and the officer involved needs two full night’s sleep to then be able to recall what happened in the incident correctly. We will keep demonstrating peaceful action for reaction or lack thereof. Anyone calling for the police to do their duty as they are sworn to do will only be exercising one of our most important basic rights, which is to bring our issues to our public officials to get a response, and also to ensure our public and elected officials are doing the job of protecting the people they represent, and our interests. When an officer is injured or fallen, our community fights for justice. The same passion for justice should be expected when the authorities injure or take a life away from a community member. fullsizerenderThe city responds by wanting the same level of transparency and swift JUSTICE. #StayInTheFight #ForPeaceNJustice #ReleasedtheInformation # ReleaseTheFootage

For Peace and Justice, Jorel Robinson


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  • Jeb

    What is his record as a citizen….seems like he has a rap sheet when we looked him up. So don’t portray him as an upstanding citizen. Also why does his Facebook page contain racial slurs towards white people.

  • Lindsay Hess

    Great article

  • Linda Topinka

    Thank you for this article..it has been very troubling to me that the police have not been forthcoming about giving the community any information about this shooting incident, even more troubling that they have refused to release the dash cam footage. Again I Thank you for this well written article.

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