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Hidden Colors

 By Zaya Daens

      What does it mean to be of darker complexion?? What does it mean when you have to go through sun burning in order to become more tan? Why have colors grown to be so powerful in this day and age?? These are questions that every human being should be asking.

            America is presumed to be the most powerful country in the world, but yet we don’t even make the top ten when it comes to rankings for education. This alone is frightening because it seems as if the country is more focused on retaining power over other countries rather than  people who make up the country; America would be nothing without the people who built it. As it seems more clearer that we have lost our way and possibly never found the right path, we begin to realize that we live in a country where they use everything we don’t know against us. If the people don’t know then how can they contradict or disagree; they can’t. The education in America varies from region to region. Some states are fortunate to have good educational curriculums, while others don’t even teach about slavery anymore. The more we come together and tackle the things that separate us the most, the more we will be able to grow into a stronger country.
            We have to start educating each other with the truth. The truth that Egypt is in Africa and that the great pyramids were built by those of the Hidden Colors. The truth that Columbus wasn’t the one to discover America, but was the one most favorable by the world leaders to receive credit. The truth that all life began in Africa. The truth that Africa was initially named Ethiopia and was only then named after a European upon colonization of the land. As long as the colors are hidden from the inhabitants of the country we know as America, the longer it will take for the people to work together for the greater good. The worst thing to take a from anyone is their identity and by not knowing the truth about the world you live in then you ultimately can never change it for the better. The goal is to “KNOW THY SELF”,  because if you know who you are then no one can ever use what you don’t know about yourself against you.
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