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Nexus Season is coming…

Image courtesy of Android Police
Image courtesy of Android Police

Nexus season….Ahhhhh!  My favorite season besides GoT season.  If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘Nexus’ – let me enlighten you:  These are the cream of the crop in regards to Android phones, aka Google Flashship Devices.  Google releases a new version of their operating system every year and we’re on 7.0 Nougat right now.  If you’ve used an android phone before and thought “dang, this is kind of slow” – it probably wasn’t a Nexus.

Samsung, HTC (not so much anymore) and other manufacturers put their own “skin” on TOP of the default Android OS.  This is why some phones run like junk and have lag.  The solution?  A Nexus device.  I’ve owned almost every Nexus and for a magnitude of reasons, however the main one is this:  UPDATES

A Nexus device will receive updates before any other android device.  Reason being?  No need to tweak the code to match a 3rd party skin as there is NO skin!  This is pure, unmolested, stock Android straight from El Goog themselves.  No carrier intervention or bloatware installed….just some straight up sexy Android.

Anyways, Nexus season is coming!  Rumor is the first week of September, yet nobody has ever got the date exact on these releases.  Google marches to the beat of their own drummer and I will wait patiently with my Nexus 6P until it launches.

Rumor is we will be getting two devices, which matches last year’s lineup.  As is usual with Google, both devices are codenamed after fish.  Google reaches out to Manufacturers to make the Nexus devices.  Last year LG was responsible for the 5x while Huawei produced the 6p.  This year HTC is pulling double-duty which makes the enthusiast in me weep happy tears.  HTC has stellar build quality and have produced some stunning devices as of late.  We have:

Sailfish:  (pictured above) which is the smaller of the two devices, sporting anywhere from a 5-5.2 inch 1080p screen.  Should be powered by 2-3GB of RAM and will probably introduce the newest Qualcomm processor:  the Snapdragon 821.

Marlin:  this is the one I will be getting, as I prefer a bigger screen.  Rumor is we will have a 5.7 inch QUAD HD 2k display like last year.  Probably 4GB of RAM and the same Snapdragon 821.


As far as purchasing Nexus’ devices go, most carriers do not carry them – so purchase directly from Google.  Amazon, EBay and other vendors also offer great deals on them.  Right now you can get the Nexus 5x or Nexus 6p for a pretty good price as retailers are clearing out inventory to stock up on the newer devices coming soon.



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