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Episode 3 Really Introduces Us to the Characters

Does this show just keep getting better and better? There’s not an unexpected surprise in the plot in this episode like there was in Episode 1 when we learned that Ruth’s lover was actually her BFF Debbie’s husband. There also isn’t too much action in this episode like in Episode 2 where Melanie takes a jab at Cherry by staging a miscarriage in the ring, something Cherry experienced a couple years prior to the current setting. No, this episode is a glimpse into what is to come. This episode sets the tone for not only the girls’s future wrestling characters and personalities, but also gives us a more detailed glimpse into Sam’s life.

We already have a good idea about the type of person Sam is, and most likely, we’ve had a boss or manager like him at some point in our life, at least I have. He’s a coke-head cynical sexist perverted asshole who once had big dreams, and now is trying to reproduce his dreams using GLOW as his outlet, even though it doesn’t seem to be working too well.

This is when Marc Maron comes in to save the day. By the end of the episode, we realize that these two producers and writers form a dynamic duo, each bringing a different aspect to the evolution of GLOW. Marc is a bit more modern than Sam, explaining to him that just because women make up the cast of GLOW instead of men, it is still a wrestling show and not one of his strange, out-of-the-box movies he’s done in the past. That being said, Marc takes the girls (and Sam) to his mansion for a party, where he let’s the girls try on costumes and really form their characters.

Debbie gets black out drunk and is crying and blubbering to Marc’s butler (AKA his best friend) and Ruth is assigned with the task of helping her drunk ex-BFF get into a cab safely. We can tell Ruth really, really wants to help Debbie out here, give her a hug, listen to her problems like they’ve done so often in the past, but she can’t since she is the reason that Debbie’s life is so torn apart. So much is said during this particular scene, while no words were used at all. This is something I appreciate about the writing of GLOW so far … The ability to say so much without saying anything at all.

The end of the episode leaves off with a question that I think will be underlying throughout the whole series, “Who is Ruth?”





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