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Magna Carda

magna-cardaI used to be in love with hip-hop. Growing up surrounded by jazz and blues, hip-hop was more of a discovery for me. I spent my days soaking in everything and anything I could get my hands on. I indulge in the stories behind these artists, collecting every TheSource, Vibe, and XXL magazine i could afford. This music fueled my own creativity and appetite for poetry, causing me to fill countless composition notebooks with my own rhymes and stories.

As many relationships end, so did mine with new hip-hop. I gave up on it. I reverted back to my classics. I stopped listening as artists stopped being creative, and started pushing out empty and pointless music. I felt angry and disappointed every time i heard a new song on the radio, and actually stopped writing myself. I had no inspiration. That magical feeling i used to feel when hearing an amazing song for the first time was gone…. Until i discovered Magna Carda.

Magna Carda is a hip-hop band out of Austin, Texas. Yes, I said “band”. They are made up of an bugzdougieamazing producer/keyboardist, Dougie Do, an incomparable lyricist, Megz Kelli, a guitarist, Eric Nikolaides, and a bassist, Derek Van Wagner. Dougie Do and Megz Kelli came together while attending school at St. Edwards University in 2011, and have been creating magic ever since.

I come across a lot of music where I either love the production, but hate the lyrics, or love the lyrics and hate the production. This is not the case with Magna Carda. They have it all. Dougie Do and Megz Kelli are both masters of their crafts. I couldn’t really fit their sound into one category or another, but if I had to describe them in one word, I’d say “eclectic”.

Magna Carda is the full package, and they’ve opened my mind back up to new music since first listening to them. Take a listen, and actually listen. Listen to all the different musical elements they carefully piece together in each song.  Even if you don’t fall in love with them, even if you’re not even mildly entertained, you have to respect their creativity, originality, and passion.


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