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Believe & Achieve

By Amaron Mathis –Do yourself a favor: don’t disappoint yourself. Don’t be the person that constantly puts up #TBT of the “Good Ol days”. Immediately followed by some caption that indicates how you used to be A1, but now you’re “Z9”. I love looking at throwbacks because where I was back then and where I am at now, I’m almost ashamed to think I used to be the way that I was. That’s the power of growth and accepting who you are today as a person.


First understand that nothing last forever. So stop holding on to those glory days because those days are long gone. Instead focus on making today and tomorrow your golden years! Work hard on your craft, work hard on becoming and staying fit and healthy. Be the best you today. Wake up and repeat the cycle. And watch before you know, tomorrow will come and your surroundings will change. Maybe not your location in specific but the people that start gravitating towards you and the accomplishments you start achieving will ultimately put you in a better position. The time starts now. The sooner you start forming your new habits, the sooner you will create a new lifestyle.


Tell your friends and family that you have goals you want to smash and you need their help with holding yourself accountable. Better yet hold yourself accountable. Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself “why I can” and not “why I can’t”. I know it’s hard I get it. You have kids, a career, your finances are horrible. Fair but know you’re not the only person with those problems. For every major hurdle, just find a way to jump over it. A slow grind is better than no grind, so don’t give up when the results don’t match the work ethic. Success; that sexy bitch won’t show you her home right away. She doesn’t fuck with any lazy unmotivated person. Success only fucks with the ones who REALLY WANT HER. The ones that put in the OT hours. The ones that call her day in and day out. She might not answer everyday but those successful people won’t stop till she and them intertwine and crossroads. This person could very well be you. Believe in yourself as much as I believe in you.


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