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Fear Vs Free

By Amaron Mathis – Fear stops the majority of the world from achieving the goals they dream of having. We’re so scared of failure that we don’t think of the flip side of how good success feels. We as people would rather play it safe and take the route that works but isn’t necessarily exciting or what we want, rather than seeing a vision that’s not in front of you, but knowing that one day you will see it and be there. The best thing about achieving something is the chase of it all. The high you get from knowing you’re almost there, the memories you get from remembering starting from nothing and now looking at the current progress you made. How much time you put into something will eventually show and manifest. Just like practice. The more you work on something the more you’ll get better, that’s a fact. What I’m trying to say is that we have one life to live, and we all have goals and dreams. And the only way to make those dreams become a reality is to work for it. Period. We often blame other individuals for why we can’t do something but the reality is we ourselves are stopping us. It’s your life and you have complete control of all your actions.


Use your energy and time to work on you, your goals, your family, whatever that is important to you! Playing victim role or expecting people to feel sorry for yourself is so last year. There was a time in my life where i felt myself spirally out of control. Mentally I was in a black-hole. I had made so many excuses on why I couldn’t. I blamed everybody. Whether if it was justified or not. I recalled being 240 pounds, looking In the mirror asking myself “What in the fuck happened”. you have random events that happen throughout your life, then a moment will happen and something will come over you and you’ll realize that all these random events aren’t so random. these events will always stick out to you because they made you feel a certain way. Well my events have affected me so bad It was time for me to make a change! To achieve the best person I can be. To put myself in an environment that will allow me to fly and not hold me back. To mentally be stress free!! I was so unhappy looking in the mirror As well. I knew the only way to make myself happy was to shed lots of weight and not only get healthy, STAY HEALTHY. Understanding that means I can’t continue to eat, and drink the way that I did. I had to break all my old habits and create new and fresh ones. Part of achieving your goals is having discipline. ITS HARD AS HELL TO STOP SOMETHING YOUR SO ACCUSTOM TO DOING, BUT I WANTED IT SO BAD I HAD TO FIGHT THE URGES. Failure wasn’t an option.


What motivated me to finally live a healthy lifestyle was to things: 1. I wanted to finally be fit. Wearing XXL clothes was for the birds to me REAL TALK. Being obese wasn’t cool to me anymore. I didn’t want to be 35-40 having all types of issues, health problems etc. I love life to much to put myself in that type of situation. 2 I get motivated by people that talk, but 6 months later they still talking the same jazz. I wanted to be the guy people see and be like “Damn y’all see Am making moves”. I understand at the end of the day I can make my social media account look like I’m living paradise. I can show a million pictures of me smiling and pretending to be happy. But I wanted to ACTUALLY BE HAPPY. I read books about energy and educated myself about self-empowerment and how we ultimately have control of everything. I stop blaming others for my downfall and started taking accountability and making moves to be the best me. 2 years later I’ve relocated to the greatest City in San Diego, Lost 80 pounds and best of all my mind is free. I want people to achieve their happiness just as much as I did. Whatever that means to you. This world hurts so bad and people are so fearful but if you really program your mind on what you can do vs what you can’t do and get the courage to take that first step and don’t look back, I promise you you’ll be where you want to be in due time. But it all starts with you. How bad do you want it?



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