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We’re Talking About Deflated Balls

Channeling my best Allen Iverson..We’re talking about deflated balls. Not drugs. Not drugs. We’re talking about, deflated balls.

Think about this for a second. Tom Brady has been suspended for a total of eight games for having some knowledge of balls being under inflated during the AFC Championship Game in 2014. Yes that is as stupid as it sounds. I know a lot of you probably don’t like Brady but why? Because he’s a handsome man with a ton of talent that you wish you had and a gorgeous wife that again, you wish you had? Despite hating him for reasons unbeknownst to me, you can’t deny the man’s game. He is a baller. He is a 4 time Super Bowl Champion, 3 time Super Bowl MVP, and 2 time NFL MVP. So you’re going to sit here and tell me that some under inflated balls helped this guy win a bunch of games and made that big of an impact on games to warrant being suspended eight games? That’s like saying all the steroids Barry Bonds supposedly took helped him actually hit a baseball. No, this sounds more like somebody made Roger Goodell look powerless and he did everything in his power to suspend a sure thing Hall of Famer.

In an NFL riddled with idiots who beat women and constantly get caught smoking weed, Tom Brady having knowledge of deflated balls seems like something  that could be looked over. Am I saying it was right? No. But am I saying he doesn’t deserve an eight game(total) suspension? Yes.

Let’s put it in perspective for some of you who are reading this thinking I’m the idiot. Greg Hardy who was charged with domestic violence with photos to go with it, was suspended a total of four games. Four games for beating the crap out of a woman. Something just doesn’t add up here.

Brady has taken the suspension head on and hopefully he comes back and wins a bunch of games and rubs it in Goodells face. What’s he going to do? Suspend him for winning?


Twitter @Mr_CincoDeMayo

Ian Saldana


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